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European Air Travel Ban…my take on it.

Many have begun to question the need for the ban on air travel in Europe last week, which impacted thousands of travelers in most countries all over the world causing canceled flights, rerouted trips (if you were in mainland Europe), and a lot of stress. There have been stories in every media outlet that spoke of the plight of families traveling on vacation and trying to return home so the children could go to school, or of a business person who was trying to get back to work so he could seal a deal for his company, and this has brought about the question, “Was the air traffic ban necessary?”

To put it in the simplest term known to man, yes, the airline ban was necessary. This is one situation in which it is literally impossible for the airline regulatory agencies in Europe to escape criticism.

And why is this so? Because it was either take precautionary measures and ground all flights in the affected areas or you could take the “don’t do anything until something goes wrong approach” and well…do exactly that. The European Union could have waited to do something until a flight got into trouble flying through the volcanic ash and either incur severe damage after landing or possibly even crashing.

They made this decision based on the plight of British Airways Flight 9, which was flying from London, England, to Auckland, New Zealand, with five stopovers between the two cities. As the plane was over Indonesian airspace, it encountered large amounts of volcanic ash from Mount Galunggung, which resulted in the failure of all four engines almost simultaneously. As the plane kept traveling, the cockpit window was blasted and completely covered in the volcanic ash resulting in only a very small sliver of the window clear enough to be seen through. After descending from 37,000 feet to 13,000 feet, the pilots were able to restart the engines because they had cleared the ash cloud by then. The pilots then diverted the flight to Jakarta, Indonesia.

Who can blame the Europeans for shutting down the airspace? No one. It was a precautionary step—they did not want something bad to happen and then have a disaster occur. I would hope that we, everyone else, would have done the same thing in their situation.

In fact, they’re still taking precautions. The fastest way to get to Europe is to make a curve far to the north over the Atlantic when going from the United States to Europe; but right now, they’re making flights fly much farther south which is costing them more because the flights require more fuel because it is technically a longer distance even though it may not look like it on a map.

2012…The End?…Or A New Beginning?

This post really isn’t citing any article, blog, or show; I just have been thinking about 2012 lately, and what might come.

Personally, I do not believe the world will end on December 21, 2012.  I am a Christian, first and foremost, and in Matthew 24, the apostle Matthew writes that no one knows when God will return to earth, and that not even Jesus knows, but that only the Father God knows when the world will end.

As I said, I do not believe the world will end on 12/21/12 (122112…coincidence? I doubt it).  I believe the world will change on that day.

Recently, it seems that there has been an unseemly number of earthquakes, causing chaos in different parts of the world.  Maybe an earthquake will happen that will make California fall into the ocean–hypothetically or literally.  What I mean by hypothetically is that the economy there could plunge into bankruptcy–or beyond it.  Well, California is in horrible shape financially.

Maybe an earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone will happen, causing the central part of the United States to be in chaos, leading to hold-ups of transportation and commerce nationwide, which would then lead to prices going sky-high and supply of many products being extremely low.

Maybe a volcano will erupt that will cause a giant ash cloud to go across the entire earth–think about the current situation in Europe, but on a much grander scale.  Right now, the airports across Europe (in 23 countries) are completely closed with all flights canceled and no planes are being allowed to fly over any of those countries–just like what happened in the United States after the attacks of September 11, 2001, except that not even military aircraft are flying now.

Any of this happening could then make the United States fall into mass chaos and could knock us off our pedestal as the most powerful nation in the world.

Maybe Iran or North Korea will launch a nuclear missile against one of their enemies and cause the world to fall under a large plume of fallout/radiation.

Maybe 12/21/12 will prove a day of innovation that will change lives forever.  Could that day prove to be the day when cancer is cured?  Could that day prove to be when global warming is proven to be false?  Could that day be when evolution is proven to be false?

You probably won’t agree with many of these hypotheses, but I think it’s important to not just look at the end of the world.  Yes, the calendar ends on the day for the Mayans, but if you are of Christianity belief, then remember what is said in Matthew 24:42, “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.”